Build Your Own Tea Gift Basket
Build Your Own Tea Gift Basket

Build Your Own Tea Gift Basket

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Looking for a perfect gift? We can build a custom gift set/gift basket with the teas of your choice. Invite someone special on a journey into the world of tea, where they can experience tea classics, rare finds, and specialty blends without leaving their home. Give the gift of taste, adventure and original tea!

We have a few options for you to choose from:

  • Sampler set: 1oz assorted teas of your choice;
  • Themed teas: Pick-Me-Up black & green teas of your choice, Calming Tea Time herbal teas and tisanes of your choice, Adventure Awaits unique teas from around the world;
  • Specific tea type set, for example: green teas basket, black tea basket or caffeine free basket.

Each basket is put together carefully with an artistic touch and comes with treats and accessories if desired.

For selections and pricing, please inquire within.